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Interactive Floor Planner Program
A Casino Event Entertainment Company Exclusive!! You won't find this being offered by any other Party Planning Company, ANYWHERE! Our Interactive Casino Party Floor Planner will let you setup your party without even stepping away from your computer. Simply input your party space dimensions, drag and drop everything from Casino Tables, Sofas, Buffet Tables - Literally every common home & party furnishing is available - and then Print, Save or even Email your Party Blueprint to a friend! It's really that simple. Click the button below to launch the floor planner. A simple, 30 second registration is required for first time users.

Screenshot of our Interactive party floor planner

Launch the Interactive party floor planner



1) Sign in or register for a user account

2) Input your party space dimensions in feet

3) If you have an odd shapped space (perhas an "L" shaped area) don't worry! You can create odd shaped areas by creating additional "points" on the starting area. Simply press & hold your "CTRL" key and click on the spot on the line where you wish to add a new point and drag. ** Tip - To create a simple "L" shaped area create two new "points" at the center of one side.

4) Drag and drop the party elements you'll be having in your party. There are three categories of options you can choose from. Click the category header to switch between the different party element categories

5) Once you have an item on the "floor" you can resize, rotate or delete the item. The dimensions of the item are also displayed when the item has focus

6) You can zoom in and out of the main work area by using the buttons on the top tool bar area.

7) Want to see how many active and non-active guests you'll have based on the Casino Tables you have on the floor? Click the "Guests" option on the top toolbar and input how many guests you expect to have and it will do the rest!

8) Finished with your Casino Party Blueprint - Just click Print, Save or Email it to your Boss!


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